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In this age, every organization is becoming a software company and we are convinced that to make this transformation you need talented IT people and excellent teams. In this business unit we help companies in:




Today we live in VUCA environments and we believe that business agility is the best way to adapt this reality of the age of software. In this business unit we help companies with:

Agile Transformation

Talent Management

Transformation Academy

Team Health

We are specialists in agile methodologies, selecting the best team we achieve that your company obtains innovative results in the development of technological projects. Methodology specialists:





In the digital age, software needs to be scaled and improved continuosly. We use agile software development methodologies that allow you to create a minimum viable product (MVP) iteratevely and incrementally to generate value continuously in the business and other areas. In this business unit we help companies doing:

Design UI + UX

Web Development Projects

Agile Software Web Factory

In these changing times companies are learning about the importance of real time information to make data-based decisions. With our business partner Corebi SA we help companies with:

Data Governance

Big Data

BI & Advanced Analytics

Data-Driven consulting

Solving customer needs focusing on their experience with innovation approaches allows companies to grow and stay relevant. With our business partner Kruger Inc. we help companies in:

Customer Experience (CX)

Innovation Assessments

Digital Products Design

Innovation Labs

Let’s transform together

Technology is our passion. We love discussing tech and changes that are coming. We know how challenging this era could be. That is why we love to be there for our clients helping them become more digital while supporting the tech community in getting better jobs & challenges.

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