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A strategic partner to diagnose agnostically (without prejudice for a specific technology) your data-governance implementation & your data maturity.
A partner to leverage specific skills on data & analytics (data integration, reporting, analytical models, etc.).
A partner to execute data related requirements on-demand

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Nowadays integrating big data in the companies data strategy is vital. We have experience using different OSS tools to leverage that knowledge.

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We are technology agnostics and have experience working by hours or projects in every aspect related to data analytics (integration, consolidation, visualization)

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We deliver assessments and consulting related to data governance strategy and maturity.

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We deliver workshops & assessments related to Data & Analytics to help companies improve their data maturity that is crucial in this age.

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Technology is our passion. We love discussing tech and changes that are coming. We know how challenging this era could be. That is why we love to be there for our clients helping them become more digital while supporting the tech community in getting better jobs & challenges.

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