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Currently in the entire world there is high demand for tech roles (software engineers, data specialist, cloud architects and more) because companies in general are realizing how in this digital age software is the means of production and one of the key competitive advantages. In EXSIS we are passionate about finding new talent, training them and coaching them to work well together.

Talent Hunting

We know how challenging is to get high quality tech talent because of an increased competition and deficit of skills. In our talent hunting service we do all of the recruitment lifecycle for your company (needs gathering, sourcing, screening, interviewing and more) to hire the talent required.

Talent Augmentation

Agile teams on-demand has evolved to become a strategic element in the transformation of companies, incorporating specialized talent when you need it. We offered nearshore agile teams or individual roles to augment your existing IT teams.

Talent Academy

Currently there are not enough developers in the world to create & support all of the new released applications. In our Academy service we train young developers in Agile methodologies, soft skills and technical skills to support future demands of IT talent.

Frequently asked questions

Currently this service is focused in Colombia, Mexico & Argentina. Future updates will be shared in our platforms.

EXSIS has more than 10 years of experience in this BU working with US & LATAM companies.

EXSIS charges a fee based on the salary defined for the role to look for.

EXSIS use a Time and Materials business model. EXSIS charges the customer based on hourly rates for the roles it deploys excluding non-billable hours (vacations, absences, etc.).

Let’s transform together

Technology is our passion. We love to discuss tech and the changes ahead. We know how challenging this era is because everything is changing. We love to be there for our clients helping them become more digital and helping the tech community get better jobs & challenges.

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